An Animal Life

An Animal Life is a series of illustrated comic poems that explore the joys and sorrows that afflict all of us creatures: in one way or another.  Limpets get lonely, ants need psychiatric counselling, frogs philosophise, spiders get existential nausea and pelicans lead the high life.

Hugh has been writing about life for a while now.  No, not since birth, but he was thinking about it.  He accepts that life is mostly strife, interrupted by periods of inappropriate laughter and senseless optimism.

He has primarily expressed his conflicted character in comic endeavours (life itself) and in his comic writing and poetry.  The book ‘An Animal Life’ is largely anti-anthropomorphic: well, it’s not so much that animals have human characteristics, rather that we are all characteristically animals.

If you think that’s confusing, you should read the poetry.

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